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Clark Terry

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Clark Terry

Message par scytale le Lun 9 Mar - 12:19

Surtout connu par son passage chez Ellington, né à Saint-Louis (Missouri) le 14 décembre 1920 et mort à Pine Bluff (Arkansas) le 21 février 20151, est un musicien de jazz, trompettiste et joueur de bugle américain, dont la carrière s'étend sur une soixantaine d'années.

C'etait comme dirait (sic) Marion cotillard une belle personne et un merveilleux trompettiste;et... il fumait la pipe

Le problème n’est pas tant dans le manque de volonté de comprendre que dans l’excès de volonté de ne rien savoir.

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Re: Clark Terry

Message par Nicolas le Lun 9 Mar - 14:12

Mort à près de 95 ans...

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Re: Clark Terry

Message par Nicolas le Lun 9 Mar - 16:27


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Re: Clark Terry

Message par CEDLAP le Lun 9 Mar - 16:33

C'est drôle mais sur cette photo d'Orson Welles , il y a un p'tit air de Pierre Voisin je trouve .

Tu as un quart d'heure devant toi et 2 km de marche à faire pour aller à ta gare de banlieue . C'est le moment de sortir sa bouffarde  Very Happy

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Re: Clark Terry

Message par Salabreuil le Jeu 12 Mar - 10:00

Ah oui, Clark Terry : il fut aussi le professeur du tout jeune Quincy Jones, qui avant d'être le compositeur-arrangeur-producteur qu'on connaît, a démarré comme trompettiste.

Voici l'hommage que Q a prononcé à l'enterrement de Clark Terry :

"Clark Terry was my first teacher, my original mentor, and one of the men who made me who I am today. As a teen in Seattle who aspired to play the trumpet, I would anxiously wait for Clark to come through town with Count Basie on tour.
In the 1940s and 50s there were sadly very few Black role models portrayed in popular culture and in the media. The touring musicians who came through town were my heroes. Clark was performing in the clubs all night and I was going to school, so he would give me lessons in the early mornings before I went to class and after he got home from his gigs. Looking back, I can only now understand how exhausted he would have been after a long night working – and how truly generous and kind he was to me. It was from him that I learned proper armature and in the coming years I had the opportunity to go on to play with Hamp and Dizzy. Years later, Clark left the Ellington band to join my band. Duke was one of my musical Gods, so as you can imagine, it was one of the most humbling moments of my life. Our families stayed close through the years; we played on albums and in concerts together; but in recent years I had begun to feel like some of the younger generation did not properly recognize nor realize the incredible contributions that Clark and his contemporaries made to America’s musical lexicon. And that wasn’t the younger generation’s fault—because tragically the history of jazz and blues is for the most part not taught in our schools! With that DISCONTENT as my inspiration, I decided to pursue a record with Snoop Dogg rapping and Clark doing mumbles. I thought it would be perfect: hip hop of course emanated from bebop. After more than a year of planning and coordinating logistics, on the day of the recording, I arrived in Little Rock only to find out that Snoop sprained his ankle and wasn’t going to make it. I was disappointed that my plan was falling apart, but still made the drive to Pine Bluff to see my old friend and his incomparable wife Gwen. Without Snoop, we had no pressing work to do, and what would have been a hectic day trying to finish a record, turned into a “hang.” With the leisure time at our disposal, Clark asked Justin Kauflin to perform for me and I was blown away. I also met two Australian kids – Al Hicks and Adam Hart – who had been working with their wonderful producer Paula Dupre Pesmen filming Clark to make a documentary. Beautiful Gwen cooked an unbelievable meal, and the Aussies showed me a trailer for their film up to that point… which led me to offer them my help. Albert Einstein once said that “Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous” …..“Keep On Keepin’ On” did more for my previously mentioned “DISCONTENT” than anything I could have ever dreamed of.
Sack – wherever you are, I know your lips are greasy and I know you, Ray Charles, Miles, Sinatra, Clifford, Duke, Dinah, Dizzy, Ella and everyone else are having an epic jam. I really miss you and I will love you and think of you for the rest of my life. "
– Quincy Jones, 2/28/15

"Quand tu ne disposes que d'un marteau pour outil, tout ressemble à un clou." Proverbe Japonais.

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Re: Clark Terry

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